You know growing your list is important to your online business.

But why does it feel so hard?

Add the hope and dream of a launch to the mix and all the sudden - you feel like your "number" is stuck in the mud...and will NEVER be enough.

The problem? You're not really building a list of people who want MORE from you.

They might like you...but buy?

There's no shortage of training, resources, and blog posts about growing your mailing list. And yet - about 2 weeks before our launch we start thinking we should maybe do some of those things.

Instead of the numbers, you'll see what helps people join your list and become customers more well as some do's and don'ts taken from some of the entrepreneurs I've helped have 6 and 7-figure launches!

Here's what we're going to cover:

  • The important difference between list building to grow your audience & list building for your launch
  • 1 simple way to figure out what your different people need to hear from you before they buy
  • How To Make The Shift To Launch-Building Instead of List Building
  • My best recommendations for choosing the right lead in to your launch & why I loathe the cheatsheet
  • Do's & Dont's taken from real successful launches--how they primed their list to launch

Anne Samoilov is a launch specialist and founder of the Fearless Launching community + training center. Join her as she shares the tips, tricks, and secrets of all the 6 and 7-figure launches she's helmed online and off! 

Listbuiding For Your Launch:

Learn The Listbuilding Secrets of 6 and 7-figure launches

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